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Water fountain, Montreal. par AQUA STYLE DESIGN, Mur d' eau, Aquarium, Montréal

publié le 13 mars 2013
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Located in Montreal, AQUA STYLE DESIGN is specialized in the design and manufacture of water fountain.

Outdoor and indoor.

whether you are a professional or an individual, your wish is to have an indoor or outdoor fountain to give a design touch to your home? You are looking for a decorative object to embellish your garden? At Aqua Style Design we make every effort and put our know-how to your service for the realization of your project. We can create you a water fall that will suit your needs, your specifications, and your budget.

Our expertise allows us to offer the flexibility necessary to achieve the turnkey project that reflects your vision. With our experience, we can advise you in your choice and have your ornament in perfect harmony with your indoor or outdoor environment.

Custom made

In order to meet all the requirements of our customers, we offer to our clients a unique and custom manufacturing. We will be attentive to your needs and we will see every opportunities available to us in our creations.

Safe installation

Our technical team ensures that every water fountain is installed according to recognized quality standards. We proceeds to install your decorative water feature at your convenience.

Professional maintenance

For a better life and ensure quality operation, we provide you with all the information necessary for a optimum maintenance.

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